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  • Sorry, this is a Windows-only service. OSX doesn’t allow a great deal of optimisation at this time, at least not enough to justify this type of service.

Our optimisation service rests on decades of experience going far beyond defragmenting and commonly known tweaking software while respecting  professional stability and data security. We can make your 10-year old computer run quicker than a brand-new off the shelf PC or laptop (in most cases).

Low-powered inexpensive machines are popular these days but require quite some leveraging to perform at acceptable levels. Most people don’t realise how well their machine could run and just accept mediocre performance thinking it’s normal. If your car was running so slowly you would take it to a mechanic, right?

No matter how fast your hardware is, if your system setup and disk layout are not optimal the machine can run slowly. Many times we improve the bootup and application startup times from minutes to seconds saving you time and frustration every day. A quicker machine means less time waiting, faster results and more responsive creativity.

We provide custom software/system upgrades to tighten up your machine, keep it running smoothly and focus your hardware on the tasks at hand. We are confident that after this service you are in a better position to decide if you really need a hardware upgrade.

If you’re already knowledgable about system tweaking and optimisation you will appreciate our expert knowledge on the matter. Many of the techniques we use are not documented or even generally known on the forums.

Keywords for geeks:
Block-level delayed write optimisation, file-level precaching, file-placement, filesystem cpu reduction, timeslice optimisation, CPU power-states and TDM management, Windows service/feature removal, VBios adjustment, modified drivers.