Starship Computers is an ambitious technology startup, both with our starting products and our potential to contribute to the computing industry. The company is based on a healthy approach from the outset and employing new ways of thinking about company development. We are currently at a very early stage and have not yet attempted to raise startup funding.

The company is built on the foundations of over a decade of ambitious social and cultural research which give us access to diverse networks. We want to help communities and organisation to grow, developing creative and scientific research programmes and donating our profits to good causes.



The first thing we geeks do when we buy a computer is spend days tweaking, tuning and optimising the performance. That’s because we are not satisfied with the “out-of-the-box” setup provided by windows, or hardware manufacturers. Although there is a steady improvement in this area, there are always dozens of improvements available.

There is a large space for improvement and innovation within the world of computers and technology. In the short term, improving on the desktop workstations market is not easy. Luckily we have the skills to prove the “impossible” is merely “improbable” and have continued to stay ahead of the game in applying stable performance enhancements.


Many people cannot imagine how to push PC performance beyond the norm. There are multiple levels across both hardware and software which are largely untouched even by tweaking and performance software or even the gurus. On the OS side we can out-perform the competition because we do out-of-the-box optimisation with bleeding edge know-how.

We believe that these improvements should come as standard and the overall deliverable we offer is a computer that truly pushes the capacity of the hardware. Because we invent, in time we may also be able to leverage new technologies and bring significant breakthroughs in the human-technology world through unique IP.


Who For

In the beginning our client-base will be creative computing specialists and geeks. These are the communities that truly understand PC performance and are therefore in a real position to appreciate our computers, but also that they are the ones who demand the best for professional reasons. Performance must not risk the workflow, this is a subtle balance.

In the beginning we focus on the creative markets because we have great links into the artistic and computing world – video/music/3D and so on. Our plan is to develop a knowledge-based community around our products which is useful for literally anyone interested in creative computing.


At the medium and large scales we will expand into a more general consumer-base but always with a focus on geeky future, rather than idiot-future. We are not aiming to attract those who want to know less about computers, but those who are enthusiastic about the potential of technology and their own development alongside.

The development of different product ranges is unrestricted, from medical, scientific, environmental, city, organisation, serious gaming and many others. Our aim is to expand into intelligent environments, ecosystems, potentially even super-AI and other high-end projects that we’ve spent years developing.


The Value Proposition is a combination of:

  • Our Founder, Pras Anand, is an exceptionally rare thought-leader on subjects such as Social Computing, City Computing and desktop computing. He really knows how to deliver faster and better computers and that’s why he’s confident that we can pull it off at the technical level, which it will boil down to in the end – is it faster?
    As a visionary and creative, his thinking has already attracted special attention from high-level communities around the world, giving him the tools to pull this off with the required magic. It is in this area of events and art which helps to expand our reach and range but also create a vibrant community around the company.
  • The Brand is bold and although doesn’t play too heavily on any particular sci-fi vision, is definitely benefiting from the various visions we grew to know and love. We can be bold because we have not built a specific reputation and conservative clients are not our focus.
  • The Corporate Culture and Vision builds on recent advancements in the understanding of what makes a good company work. Innovation, freedom, gaming, open-ended approaches which are already attracting some of the world’s best in all fields. Even before we have started.
  • Our industry relationships have been built on a “future-tech” project being developed for the last 15 years. Our capacity to create, innovate and impress is much-expanded by the surrounding communities we have fostered, developed or connected with: and this is only the beginning.
  • Our Marketing is fresh in that we will not try to directly convince anyone to buy into our vision, simply we will create direct benefit to our target communities. For example, master classes with recognised leaders in digital creativity, which just happen to be running on Starship machines. Not only can the community benefit from the knowledge but will see for themselves just how fast and easy our machines are performing.

    3D artwork by Mike Winkelmann (Beeple)